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Monitor setup

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have 3 options 


1. Three 24inch monitors mounted on the wall 


2. One 27 inch monitor with 1ms 165hz (OC) flat like a Asus pg279Q or a LG27gl850 with two 24 inch monitors flat mounting on wall


3. One 38 inch monitor like the new LG38gl850 

 Nano_IPS 1ms 144hz Curver with two flat 24inch monitors mounting on wall


I all ready have two 24 inch monitors (Acer kI24 and acer GN24bnbin) Just want a good looking setup with three monitors.

I Just dont know how it looks when a 38 inch Curver monitor with 2 24 inch monitors FLAT

Looks like.


Or I.m to insane to choose a 38 inch monitor curved maybe IT doesn't look good because the other monitors are nog curved 


That why maybe a 27 inch flat monitor is fine because then with 1 27 inch monitor I have enough gaming experiece that is what I thing only because I dont know how it looks when a curved monitor is in the middle and on the two sides a flat monitor

if I miss something Just ask me

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Something to keep in mind is depending on the curve, you'll have to mount the smaller flat monitors  either further from the middle one, or you'll have to mount them in a more forward position to keep them aligned comfortably.

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