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AMD Ryzen 3200G - green screen during boot

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys,

last weekend I build a budget rig for myself sporting an

AMD Ryzen 3200G with box wraith stealth cooler thingy

AsRock B450M-HDV Motherboard

(a single) 8GB Crucial DDR4-3200 RAM Stick (want to upgrade later with a second)

no GPU


This is my first AMD build in well over a century (kinda sad but I'm happy AMD is back) so my questions appear very noob-ish.

I finished the build and booted it and right away I had green snow all over the screen.
However this disappears as soon as anything happens, either windows booting up or me entering the bios.

I have not yet installed some games to try but temperature was bellow 50°C so should be good.


When isntalling the driver package there was an error and the whole screen turned blurry and pink (like an old vga cable that's not plugged in correctly) but that was gone after a reboot and then the driver installer finished without an issue.


BIOS I checked and no image version was found, but I'll have to check again today as this left me a bit confused. I downloaded the latest from the asrock site but "none found" seems wrong. anyhow, I'll update on that one.


What could this be?

Unlucky pick in CPU (APU) or did I miss something?

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