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Gigabyte Boot Loop Help

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I just bought a Gigabyte H310M A motherboard from Amazon used and apparently tested. I tried getting it to work with my Celeron that I also got from Amazon and when I put them together... they don't want to play. I've read some stuff about Gigabyte boards going into a boot loop, which seems odd to me, but not far off from what I'm experiencing. At first, the fans turn on, and everything seems to be fine, the BOIS shows up for a second, then disappears as to be expected, but instead of booting to my nice non pirated version of (linux), the fans turn off for a second, and then turn back on again. The BIOS doesn't come up again which is why this is different from a boot loop, and when I try to go into the BIOS settings, the screen dies, it's like the computer has a 5 second timer before it has to turn off. Now I didn't bother isolating the problem by running my whole setup on barebones, in fact I cant because I don't have a display with HDMI or Display Port so I need my somewhat crappy RX 580 to help me see whats going on. I don't think this is a PSU problem, but I guess that's not off the table completely. I did try reseting the CHMOS to no avail, but any suggestions would be nice indeed. Thanks!!

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On some Gigabyte boards you can update the bios with no CPU I would check if yours has that feature then if it does update the board. Also, I would suggest to find the supported CPU list and check that your psu has enough wattage to power your Celeron and the rx 580. ( also I don't think an Rx 580 and a Celeron make the greatest pair so if you have something lower powered to try to start it on I would suggest using that.

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