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Samsung A50

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I know the A50 doesn't have wireless charging, so I bought a wireless charging receiver. It works on other phones except for my A50, does anyone knows what may cause this to happen?

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I had to google wireless chargin reciever. Maybe put some pics.
And maybe check a more powerfull charger as there is lots of losses with wireless charging.

Also because of those losses only use wireless charging if there is no other option. Its very ineffecient.
Cherger puts about 80% of the power used to the cable (and into phone) biut then you put it on a wireless charging pad and it only passes 50% of whats left into the phone, because inductive power transfer is only 75% effecient in best circumstances. But then there would also be the need to feed power to the electronics wasting some more.
So all in all about 50% of what your charger puts out gets into the phone via wirelss charging... So you know.

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