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screen flickering under GPU load

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Since some time ago my GPU temps have been lower then normal(Now around 30 when they have been around 40-45 for 1.5 years) without me changing anything.

The GPU has been sent back and replaced with a new one but i still get the same problem.

whenever i do something that puts a bit of load on the GPU like play a video of start a videogame, it starts flickering green and black lines like crazy.

The GPU outputs into 2 DP cables to 2 Monitors and the flickering is on both of them.

I have already tried many different driver versions and currently have 19.8.1 installed.
During the time the GPU was sent back i used an old Radeon HD 7450, with this card i didn't have the problem
Could my CPU cause this because i set it to 3.75 GHz?


GPU: MSI armor RX 580 8GB

CPU: R5 1600

MOBO: MSI B350 tomahawk

PSU: Xilence 600W
RAM: Crucial 16GB 2400
OS: Windows 10 64Bit on 500GB Crucial mx500

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