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MG278Q - "Flicker" when scrolling

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Hi folks,


I recently got myself an Asus MG278Q (TN, 144Hz, QHD to accompany my Asus PG278QR (IPS, 60HZ, QHD) and have one more 'gaming' oriented screen. Currently still debating whether I'm keeping it.


It's a blast for gaming, 144 Hz + Adaptive Sync sure does a lot for the experience.


However, I do have one major grief that I'm not sure whether it's due to the monitors tech (TN vs the IPS I've used for years, some kind of backlight strobing), I'm missing some stupid setting or something else.


When displaying an image with lots of dark, flat-colored surfaces and a contrasting text (I noticed it and since then can't unsee it the Spotify track list), the darker / grey parts flicker when scrolling the text. Illustrated again using the spotify example (see image below), when scrolling - the grey parts of the screen (play bar section at the bottom, dark grey columns left and right of the "text part" of the list etc - seem to flicker / rapidly change its 'hue' / brightness while the text is in motion.


I've disabled all of the overdrive options (which, if I recall correctly should cause colored fringing on the moving text if overdone and not what I've depicted above) and tested at various refresh rates - to no avail.


Can someone more versed in display technology than myself explain this?




"We cannot change the cards we're dealt - just how we play the hand" - R. Pausch


CPU: i7 2600k @4.5GHz / 1,33V, Cooler: BeQuiet Dark Rock 3 Motherboard: Asus P8Z68 V Pro RAM: 12GB DDR3 1333Hz GPU: EVGA RTX2070 XC Asus Strix 970 Storage: Adata 120GB SSD, 2TB WD GreenHDD Case: Sharkoon T9 Value PSU: EVGA Supernova 650GS Peripherals: Master Keys Pro S, Logitech G402 Audio: Schiit Fulla 2 + Sennheiser HD 650. Laptop: Asus Zenbook UX 302

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