Mojang is officially cancelling the "Super Duper Graphics Pack" for Minecraft.   The update was meant to bring somwhat realisitc textures to minecraft.   The BBC reports that the update has been scrapped due to Mojang not being satisified with the performance across devices.   The update was originally announced at E3 2017 with a planned release in the same year but was ultimately pushed back to 2018 before being cancelled in current year 2019.   Edit: To clarify this is regarding Bedrock Edition and not Java Edition.     There's been rumors and some thoughts that the game engine which powers the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft doesn't scale well past a certain hardware performance level.   Particularly of note is that the Xbox One X has not performed as well on Minecraft Bedrock Edition as originally anticipated in terms of framerate and being able to run at 4K.   The current Bedrock Edition game engine does seem to be on it's way out as we've seen some rumors that Mojang are working on a much more performance optimized game engine.   Ultimately I believe this was cancelled because the Xbox One X, despite it's substantially faster hardware than base Xbox One or even the upgraded PS4 Pro, does not seem to have been capable of running what Mojang wanted at the framerate and performance level they wanted.   Oh well. What a shame.   Source: