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What other linus branded producs would look good?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Personally Id love a Rucksack, like a heavy-duty/water-resistant/15"-17.3" laptop pouch, backpack. That'd be nice to see but I understand limitations. could be paired with the water bottle and lanyardxD

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i think the focus if the merch store is more on small items that have the potential to sell in large quantities. so maybe mousemats?

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2 hours ago, RollinLower said:

i think the focus if the merch store is more on small items that have the potential to sell in large quantities. so maybe mousemats?

They've got mousemats coming. They showed off a few potential design options on last week's Wan show. Also showed potential designs for LTT socks and sandals, but said that they are still a long way off so don't expect them soon.

New water bottle designs are in the works if you've been checking the ltt Twitter. Couple of different colour options such as gold on black and black on white (hopefully).

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Linus condoms.


"Linus Protect Tips."

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Mos Organizer backpacks with LTT orange on the inside and a nice logo on the outside. 

I'm sure if he bought in bulk it would only be an extra $10-$20 to the customer as opposed to buying from MOS. 


I've been debating buying a MOS backpack for a while since my Swiss one from my high-school days is getting some damage, but MAKE IT HAPPEN and I'll finally make the upgrade!


They're already an active sponsor so I don't see it hard to put together

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15 hours ago, spartaman64 said:

LTT themed computer cases

wonder what would it take to do a reskin o_o especially after what Madrinas did (like custom print cans and custom brew)

(maybe like what NZXT did and Hyper Beast-ed some of their cases)

(also looking at the cool shirts on the merch store...)


custom cases would be definitely out of the question, unless they do a der8uer and be a consultant of a line of cases ._.


19 minutes ago, RyomaSJibenG said:

honestly his socks and sandals, its like trademark at this point

I'm in the market for a sandal that's fastened with clips rather than velcro (well, velcro for fit adjustments), so I don't mind directing that new sandal budget to LTT if it has those things....

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Since @LinusTech plays badminton, I think an LTT sports shirt would be a good idea. Maybe work with Yonex to create an exclusive design. 

le luci del giorno viventi


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The time Linus replied to me on one of my threads: 


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Linus branded laptop stands. I got in on the Moft a while ago, but it doesn't allow for laptops with ventilation on the bottom. https://www.moft.us/ - I reckon there's room there for a redesign with different materials so it will work on bottom breathing lappies.

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