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Thermaltake the tower 900

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Hey Guys,


Just had a quick question about the internal measurements of Thermaltake's the tower 900. As I am planning to buy this case in the near future, I'd like to ask how wide are the two gaps beside the front console in the case? The case has a console in the front which can hold 2 3.5" drives in the middle and there's two gaps on both sides of this console intended to place reservoirs. I was just wondering whether anybody knows the width of these two gaps each? I will have two home made reservoirs which are both 11.5 cm wide, would they fit into there? Thanks a million!





My current system:

MoBo: MSI X470 pro Carbon | CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X @ 4.2gHz | RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32Gigs watercooled @ 3000 mHz | GPU: MSI Geforce GTX 1070 Sea Hawk EK X 8Gigs | SoundCard: SoundblasterX AE5 white | Storage: Toshiba 3TB; WD Green whatever 2TB; OCZ SSD 240GB; HyperX 500GB; Samsung EVO 960 250GB NVME; WD Black 500GB NVME; Patriot Hellfire 480GB NVME | Case: 10 year old Cooler Master HAF 932, 1st gen revamped as baby blue/white W-machine (W as in whatever) | Monitor: Toshiba HD 32";  whatever brand 5" (hardware monitor) | PSU: Corsair RM850i | Propellors: Thermal Take Riing plus x 4; Cooler Master 230 mm; Aerocool 200 mm | Cooling and remaining stuff: custom waterloop with EK D5 pum Revo; EK X470 MSI mono block; Barrow RAM cooling block RGB (ich kann mich ja gar nicht entscheiden, ist Alles so schön bunt hier) GPU EK 1070 plexi-nickel water block. Home made reservoir of 1.8 liter capacity; Barrow fittings as they are cheaper and just as good; petg tubes (2nd choice after acrylic, but since it's my first custom loop - didn't want to take any chances); Thermaltake sync controller for the four Riing + propellors; Corsair addressable leds all over the place; flowmeter, temp meter and halleluyah brothers and sisters. None of the brands is noticeably displayed as I don't pay a shitload of money for these things only to sponsor these brands. Proud to be a Dutch Lower Saxon in Ireland.


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Attached are pics with the measurements for your convenience. 


11.8 cm X 22.6 cm but there is a drive cage for an SSD starting at 12.5 cm that you might have to give up depending on your tank.




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