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What is the difference between Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering?


(BTW, I said Electronic not Electrical) 

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From what I understand they seem to be like a pretty closely overlapping ven diagram between Programming language and Hardware design. Electronic engineering, though still understanding and learning programming language, focuses more towards the hardware, circuits, electrical physics, power distribution, and motors. Whereas Computer Engineering will focus more heavily on the programming side with the ability to "support" the design of hardware. They both cover similar things in different levels of detail, but they do seem to be in close quarters until you specialise in a specific sector within design or programming.


I think the assessment criteria would also be dependant on the bias you choose, along with the minimum pass grade within covered subjects and the length of time you may focus on them, along with the detail and depth you go into pending bias. 


Do correct me if I am wrong, this is just from my understanding of the difference. If in doubt just check the courses units covered and see which ones you desire knowledge in more. If they are both too similar, just pick the one that employers will desire seeing more. 


Hope this helped. 





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6 hours ago, NewNow said:

What is the difference between Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering?


(BTW, I said Electronic not Electrical) 

Electronic engineering is a more focused discipline of electrical engineering, focusing on well... electronics. Computer Engineering is a discipline that finds a way to marry software and hardware together. They typically don't design electronics systems, but they may know how to poke at them.

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Electronic engineering is a discipline of electrical engineering. Computer engineering overlaps with electrical engineering but not as much with electronic engineering. You can think of computer engineering as maybe something in between and drawing from electrical engineering and computer science, focusing more on computers / computer systems / digital design compared to EE and more on hardware and systems compared to CS.


Electronic engineering is about analog and digital circuits (arrangements resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, and so on), power delivery or signaling on boards, digital logic, etc.


Computer engineering contains a lot of areas like signal processing, computer networks, processor architecture, compute, integrated circuits, digital communications, cryptography, computer vision and robotics control, and so on.


Many schools have electrical and computer engineering combined in one department, and others electrical engineering through computer science in a department.

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