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Help Figuring Out Pcie Lanes

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Hi I have a system where I’m running a custom loops so there is not much room for moving stuff around unless I take the loop apart.


But I am trying to run a pcie capture card with my gpu and two m.2 drives one nvme and one SATA. But with a capture card plunged in or another graphics card my motherboard can’t find my boot drive, but it fines the other two no problem. I have tried every slot just Incase one is shared but it doesn’t work. I’m out of ideas because my cpu should have 4 more lanes left to give.


CPU: i7 7820x

Motherboard: Gigabyte X299 Gaming 7

Ram: 16gb of dominator Platinum 3200mhz

Gpu 1080ti 

Capture Card: Elgato HD60 pro

Hard drive :Seagate 2tb 7200rpm 

M.2Nvme: 970evo 

m.2sata:crucial 500gb drive (boot drive)


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The issue wouldn't be how many lanes the CPU or chipset have left to give but how the board manufacturer setup the layout. Some slots share bandwidth with other slots. Sometimes you have the option of having a M.2 or the bottom most PCI_e slot but not both. You'd need to skim though your manual and see if populating any one slot disables another slot. Sometimes using the M.2 disables some SATA ports.


If you need to populate almost every slot the board has you need to research if it'll accept that configuration.

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That's because the Crucial drive is in the M2M_32G connector which is shared with the PCIE4_1 slot.



When you insert the capture card into the PCIE4_1 slot it disables the M2M_32G connector.



This might help show better if need be. The two that are circled are the ones that share PCIe lanes.



Try moving the capture card to one of the other available PCIe slots and you should be fine.

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