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Question about PSU and powerconsumption

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all, I've got a new project.

I want to build a very simple computer just for text processing on one 4K monitor.

Using the Strix B250I Motherboard,

An i7 CPU (not chosen yet) 16 Gigs of DDR4 RAM

and NO Graphic Card!


Is a 300W BeQuiet SFX PSU enough?





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The B250I is made for 6th/7th gen Intel CPUs and the 6700K and 7700K has uses about 130-140W max. So yes it will probably work with a 300W PSU. With that said.... Why use the B250I ? The B360-I and B450-I make a lot more sense for 8th/9th gen Intel or Ryzen 2000/3000. And it is never a good idea to buy a PSU that barely fits your needs as it will make upgrading difficult and you will probably spend more money if you need to buy a new PSU in the future.

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Yeah it is enough, if you want a gpu get a low powered one that have no pins or just 1 6pin connector. I dont like that B250I the CPU just doesn't even worth to consider a 5 2600 Is probably the same or lower than I7 6/7700. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Boyohan and Oalei,

Thanks for the reply. I've been researching with your help.

The B250I is the only part I already got for this build - It's my starting point. So that's a given. sorry- I cannot change that. 

For the PSU I think I'll go with a modular (that's important) 450W I've found a small Gold Rated One, and as you say no need to use one that barely fits the needs.

This will not be a gaming computer. Just for Word, internet, movies, music and acrobat. All I want is a good 4K monitor.

It has to be small though. I'm going to build a lamp it'll fit in. One of these Japanese-style Shoji lamps...

So I'm considering this:

PSU: SST-ST45SF-G v 2.0

For the CPU maybe a 7th gen i5- 7500 BX80677I57500 what do you think? I know nothing about CPUs (plus a Noctua Nh.U12s)

RAM: Some 64bit 16Gb DDR4 What do you recommend? I will not show - so it doesn't have to be pretty.

An M.2 SSD for the operating system and a sata SSD for space. (haven't looked at that yet)

Also I'll need some RGB LEDs for the lamp part of the build. I'll have to look into that...




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