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Video Editing and DVD Burning for Autistic Adult

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Good Afternoon and Happy Saturday!


I have an autistic brother-in-law (25) and he loves to make DVD's for us and the extended family.


Unfortunately, the software he uses is causing issues with his PC making it unusable. (Viruses, malware, trojans,etc..)


Can you guys recommend a simple, straightforward editing and DVD burning software that an autistic person can use.


He is high-functioning on the spectrum (think around your average 10-11 year old,) so he can make simple deductions on how to use software, but it still needs to be easy to use.

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Isnt virus or malware a problem of other behavior than a straight video editing software?

Something in the likes of magix is simple to use i guess



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Nero suite. Or Power Director.

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