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Choosing a Monitor and TV

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Hey Guys


I am looking into buying a monitor and TV and wondering which ones I should buy. My main use is content consumption (youtube and twitch) and I game a little (league of legends). Im looking to have 2 monitors (or should I just have 1 wide monitor??) and 1 TV. Also what resolution and/or refresh rate would you recommend for both? I was looking into 1440p/144hz or 4k/60hz for the monitors and 4k for the TV (max I can fit is a 66"). Any recommendations would be nice. Thanks in advance :).

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Where is the tv going in relation to everything else? Are you going to be doing everything at the desk or sitting back on like a couch or something for the tv watching?


I like 1440p monitors. I believe they are the sweet spot currently in the industry for price to performance. 4k panels don't really look that much nicer in the same price range, and also the refresh rates are often inferior. I am currently using the Samsung curved 32" QLED 1440p  144hz HDR monitor. I came from a 27" Dell Gsync 1440p 144hz panel. I didn't really enjoy the color profile of the Dell, given it was a few years old and not an updated model, so the colors on my new qled panel do pop more, but it has terrible TERRIBLE edge light bleeding only after 2 months of use, although it does go away in full color scenes. I like the 144hz for gaming with anything, including league. 

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