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Roccat Tyon Mouse?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've been using the Cataclysm WoW mouse for about 8 years now, got my first one not long after it was released, but the buttons had lost their strength and became difficult to get to register, some would even get stuck if I didn't press them at a specific angle. I absolutely LOVE the layout though having all the buttons spread out over the hand rather than all on the thumb, and I use literally every button on the mouse when I play. When it came time to replace my first one, I got a brand new one of the exact same mouse (because it really had been an awesome mouse and a few years is respectable for a heavily used piece of mechanical hardware). Well, a few years later again, This one is starting to fail in the same way and it's started to cause mistakes in game. Hard to play well when you are fighting with your hardware...

So alas, here I am, needing to replace my mouse very soon again. I've been looking around and I have not found many mice that have similar layouts. I've used Razer mice but I don't like having all the buttons on the thumb, and I need more than just 2-3 extra buttons, I want something that has 10+ extra buttons spread out over the whole hand. I've noticed the Roccat Tyon has a similar layout (no pinky finger button) but mixed reviews. I'm curious if anyone here has experience with this mouse and if you'd recommend it? Kinda bummed LMG didn't do a review of it (that I could find!)


Any other similar layout mice that you'd recommend instead? I don't care for anything flashy or RGB or ultra precision dpi or any of that (they aren't make-or-breaking features, I am just indifferent to them).. I just care about the buttons and the comfort.

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