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2070 super vs rx 5700 xt

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Posted · Original PosterOP

At first, I had no idea what I wanted to buy between these 2 cards. When amd dropped the prices i was set on the 5700 xt (wanted to wait for aib cards though) but now I'm not too sure. The 2070 super is quite a bit more expensive than the reference model 5700 xt. The cheapest i can find is a zotac gaming twin fan for £489 and the reference 5700 xt is £389. How much more expensive will the customs navi cards be, and given the heat problems of the reference model, what kind of performance bump. From what i know, the 5700 xt is only 2-5% behind the 2070S on average, so im assuming a decent performance jump would make it the better option hands down. I have a few ray tracing games, like sottr and metro exodus, though i havent got around to playing them yet, and im looking forward to cyber punk. Which do u think i should get? My monitor is 1440p 144hz, but i would like to play more single player games on my tv with a controller, which is 1080p, so maintaining 60fps with raytracing shouldnt be a problem if i go for the nvidia card. Also, while i can order the 2070s right now from amazon, it wont arrive for some time, the zotac one says it will be in stock on the 17th of august, and most of the others say they be dispatched in 1-3 months, so im kind of forced to wait either way. What do u think i should do? Is ray tracing worth it for upcoming games? I have 1060 3gb atm.

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Well I'd expect the custom Navi cards to be up to the 430 mark for the basic stuff (Although most will be less), with the top models coming in at 450-475.


A custom 5700XT won't beat the 2070 Super overall still, but it might edge out a win in one or two more games than the reference model over a large selection of titles.


Here's the choice. If you care more about value alone, then the 5700XT is by FAR the better buy. But, if you really really really care about ray tracing then the 2070 Super makes sense. The 2070 Super isn't awful by any means, it's just...not anywhere near as good as the 5700XT in terms of value.


Personally I'd go for the 5700XT because as you say the performance gap between them is minimal, while the price gap is 20%. 5% more performance and some better lighting for 20% more price? I don't think so.


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Yh makes sense. Dont care too much about ray tracing now, and by the time it becomes a standard, i would certainly be upgrading anyway. 

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I just built a new PC earlier this month and went with the 2070 super. I would have considered the 5700xt if third party cards were out but alas they weren’t and I needed to play more dark souls. The 2070 super is a great card. It’s essentially a 2080 for the price of a 2070, but the 5700 xt is also not far behind for 100 less. I didn’t think I would care about RTX or DLSS but it having everything turned to 11 in metro exodus and getting 70+ FPS is awesome. Also I’ve been meaning to play the Witcher and I need Geralt to have fabulous hair works hair. 


The deciding thing Hong for me was I hook my pc up to my 1440p monitor and my 4K tv and wanted the extra power to help in 4K gaming. Also the one click over clocking in MSI afterburner and RTX cards is great. You can get a little better doing it your self, but that can take hours instead of 10 minutes.

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