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Why has 16:10 phased out?

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I honestly liked this aspect ratio, I had two main monitors like that (unknowingly, i did not know aspect ratios back then) and I have to say it seems to be a very good aspect ratio, being the best compromise between 4:3 and 16:9. You get more vertical space, but also get the benefits of a wide monitor, and because there's more vertical space to work with I could argue that they have the potential of being a bit more immersive.

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To be honest, I don't know...

I guess be wise it's easier to market 21:9 to people (remember the black bars with your movies?! Now you get letterbox and pillarbox with improperly rendered stuff!) And because most people probably didn't realize they had 16:10 (my dad had 16:10 and I only realized when his monitor started breaking down).


The rise of 18:9 phones signals to me that tall screens will be a thing of the past...

Which I find a real shame, because now more than  ever you need that vertical room. On my desktop I don't have it as much, but on my laptop I move the Windows taskbar to the side, because I just needed more vertical room for... Everything, including programming and general browsing.

Websites are becoming much less wide, thanks to vertical holding smartphones, so there really is no need for ultrawides for that purpose.

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one less variant to mass produce i guess. i currently own a 16:10 display, and i don't feel like i'm losing much width space when i set it on the portrait orientation ._.


i would wish it back, but i think that ship sailed. unless the OEM's dealing with Apple

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32:10 is the new 16:10


Btw for games 16:10 is not wider in-game then 16:9 it's less, thats why i like 32:10  still super wide but better height

format vs 21:9


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