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Dead bug inside my monitor

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Posted · Original PosterOP

A week ago a small bug was crawling inside my monitor (since I couldn't swipe it away) and a few days ago it just died and now it's stuck there in the middle of my screen.
I already tried shaking it and tapping it but no succes.

I also tried to look up if someone already taken appart a g-master g2530hsu-b1, but couldn't find any videos from the g-master g2530hsu-b1.
Does someone here know how I can take this monitor appart?

I know it's a risk but that bug is so distracting.

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ok but how is a bug small enough to fit in the first place. as far as taking it apart, is there a seam around the display? the back is probably held on by clips

Red pill or Blue pill?
I don't feel like putting my system specs in here if you want them take a look at my profile page.


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Posted · Original PosterOP

I don't think there is a seam around it. I don't see any clips on the back, only one screw and if I unscrew it it does nothing ... 
I asked iiyama but no succes.

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