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Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

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One I can help draft the script to ;)


Just what can your company see on your mobile device when they manage it, or you have your corp email account on it.


I know the answer, but I think a lot of folks would like to see that one.

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disclaimer:  I have not read through all of the posts, so someone could have already suggested this.  Sorry if that's the case.


I would love to see a series of tech tips dealing with the ins and outs of testing, tweaking, and troubleshooting a system.


I liked the series on common pc building mistakes, something like that for stability testing and tuning a system (assuming fresh install of software).  Something I could send to my buddies to guide them on running through some long-running tasks (ex., memtest, cpu burn-in).


How to isolate a bad memory module

How to install an optical media drive




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do a tech review on boinc type softwares and what systems help each project type the best???

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not sure if this was posted before, or if there was a video about it (couldn't find either tbh). Maybe this is for a larger video than a Tech Quickie, but a comparison between NAS4Free vs FreeNAS vs Amahi vs OpenMediaVault would be cool, at least for me...

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Hello Linus, I enjoyed your latest video: "World’s Most AMAZING Desk PC – 16K GAMING BUILD LOG" ... and it got me thinking what could be done with that.


With the new Justice League movie coming out.... please do a build of your idea of what a real life bat computer would be.


Lots of screens. Lots of stuff going on at once. ie: CNN always playing on 1 screen. Security cameras always playing on another screen. All while being able to run investigative apps at supercomputer speeds on other screens. With one big touch screen to interface with all of it.



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the "core" (heh, see what i did there?) differences between mobile GPUs and desktop GPUs. Perhaps an similar episode with CPUs instead.

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Hello to all at Linus Tech Tips,


I think a video on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) would make for an informative episode. GIS is crucial in land development, land management, for online services such as Google Maps etc. It could explain sources of data such as from satellites (remote sensing), user generated data e.g. live traffic information and previous studies. GIS systems are also practical for military and commercial applications, such as aviation, logistics and so on. I feel as though we do a lot in society now days without realising what GIS systems are and what they do! 


Yours sincerely,


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GTX 780 3GB vs 6GB version in 2017.


Kepler does not have the V-ram compression tech that Maxwell and Pascal does, it would be great to see if these two versions show clear differences in performance.


A note the original GTX TITAN 6GB does not seem to be nearly as crippled as it's close performing 780 3GB.



Just a suggestion :)

MAD-BOX Ryzen 1600X - ASRock X370 Killer SLI - Sapphire R9 Fury NITRO+  -Fried it... RIP

Xeon e5640 4.35ghz, CoolerMaster Seidon 240V, ASUS P6X58D-E, DDR3 8GB 1636mhz CL9, Sapphire Fury Nitro OC+, 2x Stone age storage @ 7200RPM, Crucial 960GB SSD, NZXT S340, Silverstone Strider Gold Evolution, Steelseries RIVAL, Mechanical Metal keyboard, Boogie Bug Aimb mouse pad.

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Tech Quickie: How it works: Spritzlet

Explaining why humans read slowly (about 200wpm) and how Spritz technology can increase word per minute to a comfortable 600 read speed for most people.



There are some apps for mobile devices (e.g. Reedy) but I've not found an offline version to use.... yet

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AMD Ryzen 3, 5, and 7 comparison. Similar to what you did for the intel core i3 i5 and i7. (A new version of that video is long overdue anyways, since people still haven't learned that they don't need a 7700k if they're just gonna game on the system.

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