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Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

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Motivation is where, and what you make of it.


“It is relatively unusual that a physical scientist is truly an atheist. Why is this true? Some point to the anthropic constraints, the remarkable fine tuning of the universe. For example, Freeman Dyson, a Princeton faculty member, has said, ‘Nature has been kinder to us that we had any right to expect.'”  Albert Einstein

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The actual physics behind how a CPU is able to understand numbers.

Motivation is where, and what you make of it.


“It is relatively unusual that a physical scientist is truly an atheist. Why is this true? Some point to the anthropic constraints, the remarkable fine tuning of the universe. For example, Freeman Dyson, a Princeton faculty member, has said, ‘Nature has been kinder to us that we had any right to expect.'”  Albert Einstein

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What is an instruction set in a CPU?

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How about a video to explain why an NVMe drive is a waste of money for a boot drive. I constantly find myself having to explain to people that what matters with Windows performance is how fast it can read small files (indicative of the 4K random read speeds on benchmarks), and that the sequential speeds don't really contribute to performance much unless you work with large files. It's depressing when people spend several hundred dollars on NVMe boot drives, then ask why they don't notice any performance improvement.


You'll have several chances to say "Well, not necessarily", which we all know you love doing. ;)


Edit: Holy crap, you already made one and it's been like 30 minutes! 

Make sure to quote or tag me (@JoostinOnline) or I won't see your response!

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Idk if this would qualify as a techquickie episode; however I was curious to know if it would be more cost effective to buy GTX x50 or x50TIs every few years as opposed to a mid range GPU every few years and how it would hold up.

LTT Fan Fiction:


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Wrong thread

Edited by crocski

I dream of 0s and 1s folding to my every command,

algorithms seeping from the back of my head when I need them.

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Short of physical damage to hardware how to handle GPU's, CPU's, RAM ect. I have watched lots of LTT videos and TQ videos and you guys handle tons of hardware. How rough can you be with hardware till it fails from handling it? Or make a regular LTT video.... I have no clue where that thread is though.

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Principle of least privilege


I have been explaining this to people throughout my career but it would be really nice to point co-workers to a quick video where they can get the gist of the principle.  It's a very simple principle, however people tend to forget it's a principle.  Just because you can shut everyone's access off to every file and folder on a server doesn't mean you should.  You need to take into account how it will impact the operations of your business, how much time it would take to maintain, and weigh that against the criticality of the data in question and your implemented security models.  That's where I start to see people get confused.


I'm not a writer by any means but here's a (probably terrible) example to hopefully explain the principle as I view it.  Maybe it will give your writers a head start if you decide to tackle this topic:


In the most simple terms it means you give users access to the resources they need to perform their duties and nothing more.  This could be access to servers, folders, files, and even system I/O (prevent removable media from being read).  However this can also address things such as access to buildings or rooms within said buildings.  It doesn't have to be limited to IT functions.  In the example below I'm going to use file/folder access since that's fairly easy for most of us to grasp and relate to.


Say you've got a file share on the "Z:\" drive.  It contains the following folders:

  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Information Technology

An HR (Human Resources) employee would obviously need access to the HR folder, but shouldn't need access to the accounting or information technology folders.  So you'd only give them access to the HR folder.  However they might have some process that requires HR employees to access Accounting files every couple days.  You would then need to review the data in the accounting folder and decide if you should simply give all HR employees access to all Accounting files.  Maybe your IT department only has 1 person and you have  a hundred sub folders in each root folder.  It would take a long time for your technician to create individual permissions per folder and then assign users/groups to each folder.  Additionally, once that has been implemented the IT department would have to maintain that structure and any changes in said structure could require a complete redesign.  That is often overlooked in my experience.  For your company it doesn't make sense to limit the HR access because it's simply not feasible.  You're still following the principle of least privilege because you're still not giving them access to the Information Technology folder, but you had to make some sacrifices in security for ease of operation and gave them full access to HR and Accounting.  For a small business that's usually acceptable.  However if you work for a larger business the amount of time spent to secure that data is more often than not worth the time and effort.


There are countless ways to handle the situation above but hopefully that gave a decent example of what the principle means in a business environment and that there is no single way to handle file access.  There's a ton of variables to consider and in the end it's up to your IT and Business employees to come together and agree on a solution that works for everyone.  As long as you keep the principle of least privilege in mind in those negotiations you're already ahead of the pack, in my book at least.



Thanks for the consideration and more importantly thank you for the tech quickie (and other) channels your team produces.

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I have addressed an issue in this topic:

Basically EVERY video about applying thermal paste only takes into consideration if you have a tube or a syringe, none at all says the best appropriate way to apply it if you got a pot, couldn't LMG be one exception that actually cares about the thermal paste Pots and make a quicky guide video about it?

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 With the new AMD processor released I see a lot of benchmarks with the popular Intel cpu's at their normal speeds running against an AMD processor that's running maybe 3.5GHz. I say, lets run some new benchmarks apps/games/synthetics with all the processors locked at 3.5GHz and then see what the real numbers say. leaving dollar for performance out of the equation and running clock for clock. ( 7700k-6950k-6700k, etc. against the amd 1800k or whatever it is ).

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Fast charging/Dash charging/quick charging as fast as possible?


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I'd love to see a video talking about zero/thin clients (as opposed to thick clients) and how they're used in networking (commonly in businesses).

i.e. How they offload their application work to the server, and also how they're set up for interfacing with end users/employees.


PS: I started taking a business networking class at the University of Alberta and your videos have helped so much (I had watched a bunch of them before I even started the course). You're great! xD

Heavily dated mac heathen who likes keeping up-to-date on PC stuff. - Currently multibooting macOS Sierra / Windows 7 Pro / KALI Linux (Rolling)

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The Video Games Market Crash Of The Eighties FAP pls

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Vault 7, would be a good tech quickie video or on the normal channel and perhaps go a little in depth on how to protect yourself and or company. Both simple steps and a little more in depth on how to "Tin-foil hat" your computer, tv, modems and electronics in general that is at risk of being hacked or abused to gain an insight into you or your company.

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Electrostatic headphones and Speakers. No really, do it.



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