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Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

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A video of linus using Mac os in 2019, like a follow up episode/series to the ' iMac 5K Retina 27" Display Overview - iSwitched Part 1 '

It would be interesting to see how far Mac os has improved since 2014 when he filmed the original series.

Some new features for example

Dark mode , desktop stacks , new quick actions , metal 2.0 ,advanced screenshots , new file system APFS , changed gallery view , optimization of storage ( helpful on smaller ssd's )

Would be interesting to see how far Mac os is progressing


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Hey Linus

 I don't normally post in forums. I believe this is my first post.  Let me start off by saying. I'm not a hard core techie, but i do enjoy all the videos you produce and believe it or not, its got me though some ruff patches...so thank you very much and keep up the good work.


Idea for a Tech Quickie episode.

USB power deliver types.

Ex: USB PD 2.0 vs. USB PD 3.0

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On 3/6/2019 at 11:03 PM, Tsuki said:

so, i currently do IT for a school district.


chromebooks are cheap, easy to replace, easy to get fixed if broken, easy to manage (our domain accounts are linked to google accounts), and easy to lock down.   you cant install anything on it, so students cant fuck them up with stupid shit(we have students installing fortnite and other shit on some of the normal windows computers).


not to mention if there is a software issue its fixed with a 5 minute wipe that the teacher can do without me either driving out to the school, or even having to be on the phone.

with a windows computer, that means a 2 hour re-image that requires me to actually go out to the school.(i spend my time and the district office)



and honestly, all the students need access to, is Google Docs, and normal web browsing.   chromebooks are perfect for that

As A Tech myself i 100% agree with this. the less the snot bags can do to fuck things up the better.

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Please make a video explaining time of flight sensors and what they do more and more phones and other things have been getting time of flight sensors and I think people will want to know what they are and how they work

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About Microsoft PowerShell, its uses and difference from traditional Microsoft Command Prompt. 

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Not sure if it's been requested before, but a Tech Quickie on UseNet would be cool.


Google Groups actually has archived old newsgroups so you can look back on what were essentially old "forum" posts from as far back as the 80s. 

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How about a video series or run of Tech Quickies about start up business technology suggestions. Pros and cons of buying vs leasing and picking hardware that has a decent upgrade path if you expand. As a company that has done this, going from house to multi unit industrial space what would you change to have saved time and money etc.

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I would suggest making a video about power supplies (how they work). I have seen some techquickie videos that mention parts of it, but none of them really tackles that topic properly. By the way, I was alarmed when I saw the techquiclie video on capacitors, resistors and electronic components (hosted by Luke): he mentioned opening the power supply after unplugging it: This can still be very dangerous since the power supply's capacitors will still be charged which can lead to nasty shocks (as an electrical engineer, I know what I am talking about).

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