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Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

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Different types of storage types, like USBs and Hard Drives and SSDs and the history behind each of them, and differences of how one is different than the other . I think this would be a good idea. 

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Not sure if this has been done, but electronics test equipment as fast as possible (oscilloscopes, signal generators, bench power supplies, etc.) 

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1 hour ago, RMcVities said:

Rendering Explained! What it actually is, and why it takes so long. Explain whether it relies on CPU/GPU performance, why it can take 20 minutes to render a picture but only 5 for a video. 

Because those are completely different tasks; rendering a picture (as in 3D) is calculating every ray of light, where it reflected off of, what it's passed through, and so on, and since there has to be potentially many of these calculated for each of the millions of pixels on your screen, that's a lot of math.  Rendering a video (as in exporting from premiere or something like that) is not constructing the scene from scratch but basically just re-encoding it.  Think of it like converting a bitmap to a jpg, but thousands of them.

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Explain VRM and the benefits of cooling it 

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Hi LMG crew.


I don't know if this has been covered before (sorry if yes) - but I would like to see a tech quickie on video frame interpolation on consumer goods as well as SVP


I am in no way affiliated with SVP, but I am unsure how many people realize you can watch 60 fps versions of any film you have on your PC..for free. SVP really makes watching movies different from what you've experienced before. Some find it odd or uncomfortable, personally, I think it's brillo.



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Western Digital NAS and Software (WD SmartWare)

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Hello maybe about:

  • graphical artifacts / glitches 
  • active studio monitors (speakers)

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Something that I have found frustrating recently. How to set-up Chrome Remote Desktop or other remote access apps to help family members troubleshoot from afar. Both my parents are incredibly technologically illiterate and whenever they have an issue with the household computer its "someone else's fault."  Last weekend it took me roughly 45 minutes to get them through the 3 steps into setting up the Chrome Remote Desktop app. Once in there it took me about 3 minutes to help them solve the problem with the printer drivers....but the battle to get there was just horrendous. 


Interestingly I had the exact same issue months ago trying to help my sister with something similar. It seems like a really easy concept in theory, but some people have the hardest time with it, and don't seem to understand exactly what the Remote Desktop access really is. 


tl;dr - Techquickie how to set up Chrome Remote Desktop (comparable remote access app_ so family/friends can help troubleshoot computer problems if they aren't able to be there. 

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Can you make a video about infiniband? A 40 Gbps network like interface, usable for desktop computers with the usual price of 30-40 USD? 

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Hello Linus. I had posted this thread initially on the Exotic Coolers thread but it was suggested to me by fellow readers that this maybe better off here, since it is you specifically that I would like to address, and this is about suggestions.

I hope you don't mind a repost...


Hey Linus! I would like to propose a challenge. 
Can you get your hands on, and then do a complete water cooled solution to a Mac Pro 2010 - 2012 tower with 2 CPUs and an Nvidia GTX 980 ti card inside?

It promises to be a very difficult and excruciating process!

But it's one that myself and other Mac enthusiasts who refuse to go the trashcan route would love to see!!!!!


Thanks in advance regardless if you take the challenge!


Now I totally understand that this request is pretty insane. Almost ludicrous... probably worthy of medical attention.... but isn't that worth all the fuss and effort just by it's very nature?

As a mac user, we ( those of us who do serious work on our macs and do need upgradability ) have been pretty much left behind by our "Apple lords" and I personally refuse to go the trashcan route when my Mac Pro ( 2010) 12-core is a beast to behold. Dual 3.46 ghz 6-core Xeons. 32 Gb ram, all four drives with SSDs, soon to be added PCIe M.2 hard drive. GTX 980 ti video card. Adding a second GT 610 for boot options .... any who. You can't do that with a trashcan mac. 


I would just love to see a great way to cool my computer that won't destroy it and helps it run cooler and nice.

I know your not a Mac guy, but I hope you can understand the unhappy place Mac users like myself find our selves in. Not to mention the no PCIe 2.0 support for Nvidia video cards under MBR Bootcamp.... don't get me started on that.


Anyway, keep up the great vids.

Much appreciated,


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Visual artifacts such as flickering, tearing, stuttering, ghosting, micro-stuttering & etc. Some sample for each visual artifact, what the cause of each of them & the way to fix it probably

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