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Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

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Water Cooling options... specifically the differences / advantages between single pump, dual pump in parallel and, dual pump in series


and explain the graphs that represent said pump/loop choices like these


No Excuses, Play Like A Champion!!!  

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Rad effectiveness in terms of fan set-up, rad intake/exhaust, rad size and thickness. Also a history of keyboards (like the one you did on AMD) would be absolutely awesome !!! Also how to transport and package a PC for transit would be helpful to me. Lastly CD vs Vinyl vs MP3 or something like that with a blind test? 



I'm here to help people and have fun. Feel free to chat! 



i5 6500

Asus Z170-AR 

Saphhire Nitro 380X

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i did not go back and look to see what you have actually done to see if these had been done or not:


- internet trolling 101 (comments, fake articles, bullying, etc)

- VPN Encryption, how does it work, and how many bits is too many?

- plain old paper (paper has been used for almost everything)

- Bill Gates' water purifier/maker thingy.. (it takes human waste and turns it into drinking water.. bravo!)

- the 'reality tv show' (why the H. E. double hockey sticks are they so addictive!?)

- the uncanney valley (video games or VR made to look ulrta realistic starts looks faek?)

- mousepads (are they really still needed?)

- how the scaling of a live streaming video delivery from either a home or office works on the server/client side (i.e. how can 1 million people stream a live HD video online even though the broadcaster machine could never handle that load on its own)

- how does torrenting a file work, and how was it invented/created

- why pirating is bad for the software ecosystem

- mp3 players (and the phones that deleted them)

- how/why a curveball (american baseball) curves

- why you will most likely NEVER beat the house in Vegas



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Might be a bit out of the F.A.P comfort zone but a video on why Bill Gates cant lock ISIS/Daesh of the internet would be good.

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You can trust me, I'm from the Internet.


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remember the "can you see more than 60fps" vids you put out a while back............. now that a lot of us have gotten used to high refresh rate monitors again how's about another test?  bet the users, if they actually have used 144's can tell the difference between those and 60?........ might prove interesting.

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Why do processors slow down and decay?


Stuff like:

  • Integrated Circuit Aging
  • Transistor Aging
  • Silicon Decay
  • What is the purpose of the Crystal Oscillator?
  • Semiconductors Slowdown

Not just Window PC, but like smartphones and others.


Like buying two Laptops: one with heavy use for an extended amount of time, maybe a year, and the other put in storage.

If you compare them, after a fresh installation, will one be slower?


Thank you,

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CPU sockets- why they change and what changes when they do


CPU interposers (packaging)- why they matter and what they do, could go into HBM putting vram on the interposer (footnote for broadwell's on-package DRAM cache) and weak skylake package substrate leading to cracked dies with heavy hard-mount air coolers



I don't know (i guess not) if you have these tings llying around but could you guys explain the NVidia Tesla cards and what they are for?

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Comic Sans as fast as possible


No I am serious. Do it.


Explain its origins and reasons, why it is hated, why we keep using it, etc.

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Virtual Reality as fast as possible. how it works, what do i need, etc. or my other idea is Virtual desktops. What do I need this for and why is it so important


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you should wear the same color clothes as your green screen so you do a review as a floating head. actually you and luke should do a video as a floating head. wear long sleeves and gloves to do an unboxing so its just your heads and the GPU or CPU or whatever you want to reivew. 

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Andre Lamothe's company.


This stuff is amazing.

VashTheStampede 4.0:

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Prince of Dark Rock:

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On 4/25/2013 at 10:11 AM, LinusTech said:

The old thread in the vBulletin forum got lost in the migration (don't worry I still have access to it and I'll still look at it) so I'm creating a new one.



 1. Video should be possible to watch in 1-2 minutes.
 2. No elaborate props. If we can't shoot it in the white box with a couple of demonstrative pieces, it's probably not feasible.
 3. Keep it simple! The idea here is to simplify computer concepts to the point where your mom can understand it. Not looking for "how to peel the ramspreaders off your memory"
 I will read these suggestions, but I may not reply to this thread very often. That doesn't mean I'm not paying attention, it just means I'm busy creating lots of new video content 
 If you haven't heard of Tech Quickie, it's another YouTube channel we run for paid content and the ever-popular "Fast As Possible" series.
Techquickie's channel - YouTube
Learn about the latest cool technology in only a couple minutes! Hosted by Linus Sebastian

How About "Dual Booting Explained"  or do a separate video on how to dual boot windows 10 and mac os X with to hard drives

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