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switching platforms keep windows 10 key?

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call microsoft and tell them you are replacing a broken motherboard. the person asked me for the serial number instead of the product key and then unlocked it


this is if you have an oem copy if you have a retail copy i think you just put in the product key and it should transfer

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1 hour ago, narrdarr said:

im switching from z170 to b450 how to transfer my windows 10 key after fresh install?

I belive if you have the key (the numbers and letters string) you can just call windows support and they will help you out with that, but if you have a free windows copy from upgrading from Win7 or 8/8.1 to 10 it is Motherboard bound and you cannot carry it over as far as I know.

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As per licenses agreement which you agreed upon:

  • If you have an OEM license of Windows, then the license is not transferable (hence the reduce price).
  • If you have a RETAIL license of Windows, then you'll have no problem. Just install Windows 10 on your new system, and active it. As long as you don't boot the old system while connected online you are fine (until it is formatted).
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