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Definately not what a Wraith Prism should look like

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Posted Original PosterOP

I think these images more or less speak for themselves.聽馃槻聽(hint: look at heatsink surface on the left side of the photo)

QC messed up badly with this one.

Came with a 3700X. How I somehow missed it before installing the cpu I will never understand聽馃槼聽 No wonder my temperatures were all over the place



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Yeah. Contact AMD and they will send you a replacement cooler.聽

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Posted Original PosterOP

Well, wasn't really going to use it any longer anyway.

The issue that remains is if this could have damaged my cpu somehow. I am investigating a problem right now (no post, dram聽led solid) but doubt this could really be the culprit. If the cpu had overheated I would expect it to do thermal shutdown. More likely a dead mobo.

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