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<£50 mic recommendations

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I have a very janky setup for discord at the moment. I want to use my headphones (beyerdynamic dt 770 pro) when gaming but it means I need discord to output through the headphones as otherwise I won't hear anything. As I don't have a microphone on my desktop at all I made a second discord account and use that to connect to the same voice channel do some muting (mute all outputs on my ipad and only myself on my pc) and use the second account on my iPad to get audio in. This solution is somewhat manageable but not ideal as I think it uses more internet and my internet can't cope as its rather slow. 


So I think it's worth buying a mic for my desktop. I can get the modmic 4 at £35 with no mute switch and £50 with a mute switch (I don't think £15 for a mute switch is worthwhile). If anyone has the same headphones and me and has the modmic, is there enough space on the metal band for the magnet pad piece? Are there any alternatives or should I just buy a modmic?

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For £50 I would probably get the Blue Snowball iCE. The quality you can get from the ModMic really depends on the audio interface you're using and since the Snowball is USB connected & powered, it will always have the same quality no matter where it's connected. Also there is no need to manage cables, mounts or having to deal with a headset microphone in front of your face.


I've had the regular version of the Snowball for years and the quality is good and it has been hassle free.

Specs: i7-3770K | Asus R9 290X | 32GB DDR3 | GA-Z77-UD5H | RM 750x | Define R5 Arctic White | macOS 10.14.5 & Windows 10

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Have you considered a lavalier microphone? You can just clamp it on to your t shirt when you needed it or even better keep it clamped to your headphone cable.


these are the most popular ones in your price range: 


PowerDewise adapter and 200cm extension cable included £25.77



Purple Panda adapter and 300cm extension cable included  £25.99 has a slightly smaller clip that PowerDevise




Røde SmartLav+ that's the one i have, it has a smaller clamp made out of steel, for me that was worth the extra money but the cable is very short (115 cm), no extension icable included, i just plugged it iin to the front jack of my PC case  £56.99



Shure motiv MVL/A, also short cable (130cm) 48 pounds



Note that for the Shure you will need an adapter from TRRS to TRS https://www.amazon.co.uk/RØDE-SC3-iPhone-Accessory-Black/dp/B00L6C8PNU/ref=sr_1_16?crid=2UC0XFJFSA5TS&keywords=rode+smart+lav%2B&qid=1563895063&s=gateway&sprefix=rode+smar%2Caps%2C144&sr=8-16


My 2cents if you have no preference in how they sound and dont care about clip size, get the purple panda


Here is how they sound




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