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network learning questions

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I have a med skill with networking and after some people heard that I help do free computer work for some, I was donated some gear after they heard I was wanting to learn more.

right now using a netgear gs724t managed switch I now have a Force10 s4810 monster :) I only have 2 sfp+ 10g trans and 1 dual 10g sfp+ card and 1 dual sfp 1g server port card

I saved some money and purchased a rj45 to usb console cable and have reset the switch to factory while learning some cli and then I was blessed with a poweredge r510 with one internal drive and the 2 network cards that i mentioned. I have installed windows server 2016 standard and working on getting a key to register. I was given some 72g sas drives but now I have to save for caddies. There done cost that much but when you dont have much it takes a little time to save the money :)

So More to the questions:

1. would anyone have ideas to best information on working and setting this up for someone that has med network skills right now

2. good place to better understand setting up vpn's? (I have been watching videos but somewhat confused)

3. for later I will need to save for second processor and more memory, suggestions on best cheap place to check prices so i know what i need to save next hehe

4. Good place to study advanced network terms and how they are used. To better understand the tweaking for doing 10g 

5. Since I have alot of 1g products should i get rj45 transceivers for the 10g switch or just link to the 1g switch with uplink since i can use sfp on a sfp+ switch? 


I will have more questions later as this will not be an overnight understanding. Thank you for any information and directions to do more research. If what I ask is vague please let me know and I will try to expand my post in my limited way in hopes you can understand what I am trying to ask.

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1.- www.support.dell.com is your friend you will find the whitepapers and documentation there for your server and switch.Additionally for force10 with the service tag of your switch create an accout in force10 support portal https://www.force10networks.com/CSPortal20/Main/Login.aspx get the latest firmware and update your switch. You can get compatible SFPs from www.fs.com if you can get another force10 switch then you can practice things like VLTi, LACP, etc.. also your switch has L3 functionality like BGP and OSPF, for Layer 2 you could try vlan routing? or maybe port trunks/hybrid-mode, creating some LAGs (LACP or static) configuration on 2+ ports to connect to your window server...


2.- For your vpn on the windows server here you go, there is a nice tutorial: https://www.thomasmaurer.ch/2016/10/how-to-install-vpn-on-windows-server-2016/

Google and youtube are your best friends for this kind of stuff. I dont know if you have a static IP with your internet service, but if not you can use services like dyndns to cover for that.


3.- ebay is your friend


4.- plenty of tutorials in youtube and google, if you have specific questions message me, I can share some of the scripts for Force10 infrastructures Ive done.


5.- you can get very cheap force10 compatible 1gb or 10gb transceivers from sf.com 

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