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Posted · Original PosterOP

IMG_20190719_220427.thumb.jpg.77ca7874bd5bce7d7272ac1f8c47e75e.jpgI just built a new PC - https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Ringhofer/saved/tfm27P -

I'm using corsair's Icue software to control the fans and ram
I was planning on using arua sync to control the cpu cooler and motherboard.

When I started up the computer for the first time booted to my windows drive and got  to the desktop the motherboard installed Armory Crate a software that allows all the drivers and such for the motherboard to be installed along with aura Sync.


I updated the drives and such and when I got to aura sync the mother board and the cpu cooler wasn't being detected.


I finished installing all the drivers and stuff and then uninstalled armory crate and was going to independently install aura sync from asus.


I installed aura sync and the program wont even launch saying I need to have lighting service installed which was installed through the aura sync zip folder that they gave me.

I installed and uninstalled the software multiple times with a variation of trouble shooting -

Trouble Shooting-

Resetting Cmos

Turning Computer off

Reinstalling Aura Sync (Multiple Times)

Messing With aura sync default settings in bios


The software still does not work the lighting cannot be controlled I cannot reinstall Armory Crate.

If you have had this issue or know of a fix for this issue please help,  I have this epic RGB PC but I'm really losing Computer Processing Performance since half the RGB isn't working.




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Posted · Original PosterOP

Well I fixed my issue by copying the driver disk that came with the mother board onto a flash driver and just reinstalling all the drivers through that. I then had an issue where my cpu cooler lost its sync with aura sync and wouldn't connect so I deleted aura sync and just reinstalled it through the asus website. It works fine so far with no issues hope this helps someone else.

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