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Motherboard mounting

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I decided that I could make it simpler and speed up build times.I don't it was that difficult before but I see no reason for it not to be like the example below.





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It's cheaper for a case manufacturer to drill holes and creates threads in the sheet metal. Then it's cheap and simple to just shove a few standoffs in a bag and let end user screw them.

Your way, it's a more complex, two step process : have the spacer/standoff over the hole in the sheet metal and then from the other side, screw something to lock the spacer/standoff in place.

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I used to work in manufacturing and was a screw machinest for a while. The current type of standoffs that have holes and use tiny screws are much cheaper and easier to make. The set up you are showing would have studs on both ends of the stand off and use a thumb nut to fasten them down. The stand off having a stud on both ends would require more material since they are longer and the stud part is harder to machine then drilling and tapping a hole. The thumb screw would be considerably more material, would need to be cut, drilled and tapped and probably knurled around the edges. Way more expensive and time consuming then doing tiny screws. They have machines that poop those things out by the millions. Then you have the expense and time of sourcing the new material, retooling and setting up the machines to do it, compared to ones that are already chugging along making parts. You would have to shut down or decrease production to make the change as well.


This is assuming the case manufacturers even make the stand off parts themselves, which I highly doubt they do. I am sure they just buy them from someone else and throw them in the box. Even if that is the case those parts would cost more because of the reasons I mentioned above. When you are doing high volume pennies make a difference to your profit.


That being said on some of these high end expensive cases this would be a cool option. It wouldn't be that hard to find a vendor already selling that type of stand off screw and the nuts. The nuts that came with my liquid cooler look like they would work actually. It would just cost the case company more money is all.


As for having the standoffs already in place when you get the case. That won't happen for sure. It would be way more expensive for a company to start doing that. They would have to re tool that whole part of the production line that makes that back piece. Or pay more people to actually put the studs in on the production line. Or install and set up a machine that does it robotically. It is much cheaper and faster to punch a hole in the sheet metal and tap it real quick.


And again, if you were making expensive custom cases that would be a really cool feature you could just add into the price.

Oh, and I forgot, not all motherboards use the same holes so the cases would have to be specific to the board going in it.

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No, had a 286 case with this feature, it was no faster, but gave you more tiny things to loose you likely don't have 4 million spares for.

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