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Line in on a motherboard

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I'm starting a new build which is likely to be on AM4 but that's not guaranteed, small chance I'll go with team blue. My needs for a mobo are pretty basic - it just need to be able to handle an SSD and a few HDD's which any consumer board can do. My issue is I need a board with line in and decentish audio while hopefully staying away from X370/X470 since a majority of their features would be wasted on me.


Motherboard audio has come a long way in the last decade but I'm having difficulties finding a board with line in that I can validate doesn't sound like crap. Any suggestions are welcome. 

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high end assu and asrock for both intrl and amd are great


tech yes city youtube channel reviews those from time to time and offers some reviews, check hos channel


remember that no onboard audio will be better than a asus xonar or a sound blaster type of sound card

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