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Amateur vs Pro Photography Challenge - Google Pixel 3 vs Fujifilm GFX

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Quite disappointing video. The idea sounds very interesting, the execution was a huge waste of time. Instead of answering the question in 10 or less minutes, the video drags for 40 minutes, while trying to imitate the format of top gear TV show. Unfortunately, that format was held by the hosts, not its own quality, so for someone who doesn't like the humour displayed, the video is unwatchable.
Sadly, the attempt to make a funny video has also destroyed the information value. We learn how well can Linus and Brandon compose a shots, not much about advantages of expensive camera. Giving a pro photographer and an amateur a cell phone, mid range camera and pro-summer camera, each for a month, to use in day-to-day life for capturing interesting moments and then seeing the difference in quality of captured images would be much more informative and could be conveyed in fraction of the time used here.

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I don't know why I thought this video would be bad and put it in my watchlist for later but boy I was wrong!

I laughed so hard specially in the 'couples' challenge I sort of forgot what this video was all about ?

Kudos to everyone (except Dennis that once again seems to be playing someone with little grasp in the English language - and English is not my first language either!)

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