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Old android phone - Is it possible to upgrade OS

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Posted · Original PosterOP
I found my old Huawei U8650 in the closet. It works, I just need to replace the battery. It has android 2.3.5. I was thinking to use it primary for reproducing music for my bluetooth speaker and for mail, calls and sms - my second SIM card. Is it possible to put some other android version that will boost up a speed a little bit? Thank you.

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You might be able to get a custom ROM on there, but thats a whole different ordeal.

(Custom as in made by user(s) instead of the manufacterer).

When i ask for more specs, don't expect me to know the answer!
I'm just helping YOU to help YOURSELF!
(The more info you give the easier it is for others to help you out!)

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Im pretty sure you will be able to update the version of android your phone is on if you do a custom rom but as SupaKomputa said before it will be slower due to the higher resource demand and you will not be able to update it to the newest version of android unless either you or someone else has made a specific custom ROM for this phone. After all of that I found a guide that takes you through the process of unlocking your boot loader and rooting if your interested but I can not guarantee that your phone will work after following these steps.


guide: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1304678

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Custom roms have to be made specific to devices to even work at all. On that note, no one would make a custom rom if it made the device significantly slower.


Usually the whole motivation to make them in the first place, is for improved performance and capability.

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