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WiFi faster in safe mode with networking

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey folks I've been having this problem for the past two weeks. My WiFi has been giving me a max of around 5 mbps download in normal windows operating mode, however if safe mode with networking I get around 15 mbps. I've tried many different solutions including: reinstalling drivers, getting a more generic wifi driver, flushing my DNS, updating windows, clean booting windows, restarting the router, choosing the optimal WiFi channel and running antivirus scans and malwarebytes scans. I connect to the 5GHz AP on the router even though I am fairly far from the router (I get about 24% connection strength) as it gives me much greater speeds than 2.4 GHz even at this range. My wireless adapter for my desktop is the Archer T6e AC1300. I have also fiddled with some adapter configuration changes to no avail. If anyone has any advice or possible solutions please let me know.

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Might be a long shot but do you have a VPN set to automatically connect when you log in? Could be that your internet is running over that connection.


Long shot I know but I've seen stranger things! 


You could also use a network monitoring tool to see if there's an app in the background running hammering your bandwidth.


Good luck!

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It's either an application (wanted or otherwise) that is taking up a lot of bandwidth, or something like a VPN or firewall that causes the throttling.

I'd start with a scan for malware, and if that doesn't improve anything, try disabling your VPN, firewall and/or proxy and see if performance improves.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm run malware scans with malwarebytes, virus scans with windows defender, and I've run adwcleaner as well.I don't use a vpn or proxy and disabling my firewall via windows defender didn't improve the speed either. As for background applications using the network, task manager doesn't pick up anything. Do you perhaps have a more in depth network monitoring tool you could suggest?

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