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Broken monitor fixable?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey so ive been researching a bit about broken monitors and if theyre fixable. I bumped into my desk and mine suffered a spidercrack that damaged the left side of my screen. Everyone that i call says its not worth sending it in. Theyre probably right. But is theyre anyway i could do it myself? What would i need? Its a shame to let a $300 monitor go to watse like this. 

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linus made a video on the topic days ago


if you find the part and you can do it by yourself for low cost, it migth be cost effective


is not that easy, but is doable


to be honset if you have to ask here, you are not that interested into fixing it, i would sell it as damaged, for parts, use the money to buy another and dont invest much time in it, if you manage to find the scrren replamcement part the time to be sent to you might be months

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Replacement LCD panels are cheap. You can do the replacement yourself.

For a $300 monitor, the replacement can cost $50-150 depending on the resolution and screen size.

1080p screens are very cheap.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Where would i go to look for the exact display screen do you know?

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the fist step is discover the exact model of monitor to find the exact model of the part you need, then if you dont find it on ebay or amazon, aliexpress should have it, they send the part and takes a month to get here, perhaps longer, usially they send parts on train and then by sea

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