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jaya dinesh

msi Ez debug led issue cpu and vga

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Full spec:-
CPU---Ryzen 3 2200G 
GPU---ZOTAC GTX 1050Ti OC edition
RAM---Corsair vengeance 8GB 2400mhz
PSU---Corsair VS 450W
HDD---Seagate barracuda 1tb

hey can anyone help me out with this problem i have a msi B450 gamig plus motherboard pared with ryzen 3 2200g apu recently my motherboard "ez debug" led is turns on when ever i boot up my system the cpu and vga debug led are the two led which turns on and after some time like 10-15 mins my system reboots itself automatically even if i left its turned on without any applications running i have RMA'ed my motherboard and still this thing continues please help me out thank you in advance
The other weird thing i contacted the engineer who worked on my motherboard he said "we didn't see any restarting issue while the RMA process he said that it ran for like one and half hours perfectly and i gave my pc to a nearby service center they also said the same thing it ran perfectly without any issue and today i went to my friends house to check my pc 
I switched on the pc and ran the cinebench R20 and monitored the temps it was around 50 to 54 (i use the stock cooler "Wraith Stealth cooler") and i ran the heavens benchmark for GPU and i watched youtube in chrome and some movies it ran for like one hour perfectly even i played farcry 5 for 15 mins i faced no restart issue for that one hour please tell your suggestions on this sorry for the bad English thank you
another thing is i used stabilizer when ever the voltage hits above 200 the stabilizer cuts off and my mother board restarts please help me i gone mad finding solution to this prb for 1 and half month 
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