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Intel Optane Memory for those who have M.2 NVMe SSDs?

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I have my OS installed on a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB (M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4) SSD. 

Would there be any speed improvement by adding an Intel Optane Memory too?

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I don't think it works with PCIE / NVME devices, only SATA.


Even if it did, it would be close to no improvement


Pulled from intel Website :


Intel® Optane™ memory can accelerate any type of SATA-based storage media, including SATA SSDs. However, performance benefits of adding Intel® Optane™ memory are greater on slower storage devices like an HDD, versus a faster storage device like a SATA-SSD.

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optane still exists?


i believe it was meant to be used on intel platform to speed up hard disks, iirc it was also capable of work on amd, but to be honest, why bother, just buy ssds, they are really cheap now

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Well, Optane itself makes a massive difference in small tasks because its latency is magnitudes faster than even NVMe.


As a storage accelerator over a NVMe drive, its not worth the effort.  However, a large enough Octane drive can significantly accelerate spinning disk operations.



That said, if I had money to burn, I'd definitely have an Octane drive as my Boot drive, and let slower NVMe drives be the bulk storage.

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