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Booting new computer error

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Just started building my computer with a core I7 8700k and Gtx 1070. I have connected everything and I’m using another hard drive from my other computer to use in my new computer. Every time I boot I get the error 0xc000000f. I’ve tried several different things including different sata cables and different power cables. I also tried plugging it into different slots on the MOBO. I have a new hard drive but don’t want to buy windows 10 again. If anyone can help that’d be great.


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You can repair it - there are many tutorials on internet about your error.







Try startup repair.


Of course you must prepare boot USB installation pendrive.

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19 minutes ago, Sammybruh said:

I have a new hard drive but don’t want to buy windows 10 again

You don't have to buy Windows 10 again, if you're logged in on your Windows 10 with a Microsoft account then that key would be saved and moved over

Did you reinstall Windows when you built your PC?

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Startup repair is a way to go, @homeap5 gave you some good links and suggestions, but since you seem to be re-using the entire installation directely from another build, i would first try booting into save mode and removing all the drivers to re-install them. Fairly sure this will fix your issue.


Even tho i would recommend to just put a new installation on the system.


But as @_Syn_ said you can just couple the key to your microsoft account to prevent what you said (i think up to 3 times tho?).

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Posted · Original PosterOP

@_Syn_ no I literally took my hard drive from my old pc and put it in my new one. 

Also @Caennanu how do I start it in safe mode when it automatically boots into the bios? 


Also I can move my hard drive to my old pc and it works fine. 

Not sure what to do about moving it to my new pc. 

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38 minutes ago, Sammybruh said:

no I literally took my hard drive from my old pc and put it in my new one.

First off, link your key to your Microsoft account on your old PC. Reboot, enter the BIOS, make a note of the boot and disk controller settings.


Move your old harddisk to the new PC. Enter the BIOS, make sure your new PC has the same boot settings as your old one. Going from Legacy/CMS to UEFI or vice-versa will cause boot errors. Same goes for AHCI vs IDE vs RAID.

If it does work at this point, great. Run disk cleanup to remove all old driver packages, reboot, and install the new drivers. Activate Windows.

After that I still recommend a fresh install having tied your product key to the new hardware. If only because that's the only way you're truly sure no cruft from the previous installation is carried over.

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