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Opinions on my budget build please

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Just now, Louiswilkins95 said:

I was torn between the R7 2700 and the R5 3600 I looked at them both. Bad move I guess.

It is still good CPU for the money =] and as a new PC gamer you dont rly know what you will need more, mb you you will start streaming and i bet R7 2700 will work better for Gaming + Streaming cuz 2 extra cores 

7700k @ 4.7 GHZ on Gigabyte Z270-Gaming K3, Thermalright Macho Rev B, 16GB Crucial 3000MHZ CL15 , MSI GTX 970, Windows 10

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Some newer games might struggle at 1080p with max details. But you can easily turn that down a little. No need to go back to 720p. Since you are switching from console to PC, do you know how extensive the graphics options are in most games? You have a lot of options there to perfectly tune it so it runs smooth for you :)

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I suggest you run windows on the ssd. Games will load fine from HDD as long as Windows is on the SSD.

And yes, it boots the speed. At least the felt one over a HDD :)

My usual setup is:
Windows on SSD
Browser, Discord, and other small programs.
Maybe my favorite game

Normal games on HDD
And Videos and music on HDD

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I would recommend reinstalling it.

I suggest you save your important data on an external HDD or USB thumb drive before you reinstall.

There are ways to copy windows, but they are a bit messy and might take some fixing afterwards.

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I suggest you partition your hard drive. That you have one Partition for windows, and another one for your games and media files. Window C drive, and games and so on on D drive

I can offer to help you copy windows then. But you need a second computer so we can chat over discord or teamspeak. And we also need a USB-Thumb drive for Linux.

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4 hours ago, Louiswilkins95 said:

Blank dude?

I know, typed something wanted to remove it but you can't on this forum. So, I made it into a period.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Built my pc. Gone to install Windows 10 and I'm getting a error


Load driver

A media driver your computer needs is missing.



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