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Survey : 5.25 drive bay Usage

Survey : 5.25 drive bay usage  

156 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you still use / want to use a 5.25" drive bay (not only optical drive, but anything that fits in 5.25 bays)?

    • Still use in 2019 and proud of it
    • Maybe want to use, depends on what I can find
    • No, what the hell? is it 1995 again?
  2. 2. If you selected option 1 or 2 above, what would you use a 5.25 drive bay for?

    • Slick internal stats monitor (temperature, fan speed, power usage, etc.)
    • Optical drive (DVD / Bluray)
    • Memory card reader
    • Fan / RGB - controller
    • Add USB ports (type A or C) on the front
    • DIY projects / Other
    • voted no : not applicable

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i have a server chassis that still used a 5,25 drive bay, tough i removed all of them for extra radiator space for watercooling. 

honestly i wouldn;t mind a case having these bays, tough the only thing i can see myself using it for is either modding or watercooling. i havn't even touched a optical drive in ages.

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I have two unused 5.25 bays on my Fractal Design R5 case.  I don't see any need for them now and probably the future.  If I need to read a CD/DVD, I plug in an external USB drive.  My card photo card readers are all USB external.  My old four way card reader was rendered defunct by the new cards that Nikon and Sony are using in the newer mirrorless cameras.  If I had installed a  card reader in the 5.25 bay, it would have to be pulled out for a newer model.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I finally pulled the trigger and bought a case with no 5.25 bay... But I have hope I can mod it and 3d print something to fit my all-in-one card reader.

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