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Annoying blur/depth in Galaxy S7

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I recently bought a used Galaxy S7 and it works great, I checked all the software and outside look things to make sure it's not a replica or something, it works lightingly fast in comparison to my previous Galaxy S4, but...the camera seems to always add blur everywhere and all the time unless I touch on the furthest object in the screen, for example if I want to take a picture of my dog, I point the focus on him and sometimes it is good and sometimes it adds blur on for example his legs or parts further from the head, so basically I need to spend a few seconds every time to make sure the focus is alright.


My previous galaxy S4 also had depth/blur, not as much, but it had it, however the camera didn't require me to move the focus around so much, I often didn't even need to touch anything on the screen and I'd get a crystal clear image.


What should I do? Also, I know about the pro mode, there's an option there to make the depth focus on the furthest point, but it doesn't seem to put it on the furthest point, since if I take a picture of the wall on the other end of the yard, if I take a picture normally by touching to focus on the wall, the image will be clearer than the one with the pro mode, so I don't know what to do

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