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Edgar Silva

Are the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Gtx Edition Thermals good ?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So recently I have been looking for a laptop for software development and obviosuly for some gaming. I came across lots of products but I really like the look of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro it has a very powerfull cpu and a dedicated gpu for a very good price. Since i would like to try out some game development and some heavier gaming then my usual e-sports I would really like to have a somewhat gpu. When I came across the Gtx edition of the this laptop with the Gtx 1050 max-q I was very happy and felt like I finally made my choice. But when I saw some reviews I was told that the laptop overheats and the keyboard gets really hot, some people sayd the reviewer had a bad unit but i still dont know.


So I would like to know if anyone has the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Gtx edition, preferably the i7 model, and could comment out the temperatures they are getting or some other problem that I might not be aware of. (And yes I do know that it comes with the Windows in Chinese)



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