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Free mouse, is it a scam?

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So I saw this on yt channel and it seems legit but I dont want to risk it https://gamingsupply.store/products/free-pro-gamers-mouse?variant=29376735182946, its a free mouse theres pictures but I still dont know

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There is nothing free in this world, also for that mouse? Shipping is about 20 bucks, so you're practically paying for the mouse. 

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Just some chinese knockoff charging more than its actually worth. Look at some Logitech or Redragon mice if you need one.

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This is whats called DropShipping. They create a store of a small handful of products. first you purchase the item from them, then they purchase it from aliexpress. they have aliexpress do all the shipping.  most of this is automated so they dont have to do anything at all. Its extremely common and very lucrative. Ive actually considered setting up a couple stores myself. theres guides and stuff all over youtube on the topic, very interesting stuff

90% of product ads you see on facebook and instagram, are all drop shippers.


what you saw was an ad for a free mouse, where they jacked up the cost of shipping, which doesnt actually go towards shipping the item. They use this first to make some money off you for the "shipping cost". the other purpose is to get you into the store to look at other products, which are all marked up sometimes by several hundred percent. (ive seen $30 massagers being sold for upwards of $200). Note that even products "50% off" are still probably twice as much as what they get it for.


most of these websites are created using a website called shopify. you'll see a lot of sites like this with identical, or very similar formatting. whenever you see a website that looks like this, or has similar offers, just go buy the exact product from aliexpress and cut out the middleman whos only there to profit.



EDIT: i do want to note though.  this should NOT be considered a scam. Drop shipping is completely legal, and you will receive the item. just remember you paid 3 more for you product than what its worth just in "shipping" costs



EDIT2:  after looking at the site you linked. Yes this is a shopify drop shipper, and not a very good one. Theyre using the "debut" theme for their store, and i recognize several plugins theyre using.

-the popup in the lower left that tells you of other purchases is called "SalesPop" by beeketing

-the "sales ends in" timer that never goes down all the way. theres hundreds of options for these.

-the reviews are all imported automatically from aliexpress with another plug(notice they are all 5 star reviews with pictures)


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14 hours ago, Tsuki said:

this should NOT be considered a scam.

It's legal, but I would still consider it a scam, and at the very least un-ethical 

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