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Upgrade Path. Should I Buy Ryzen 3000?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

At the moment I have an idea about how I want to upgrade. I'm probably gonna buy a 5700XT to replace my 1060 3gb, a b450 tomahawk/gaming pro carbon to replace my a320, and 650w psu to replace my 450w one. But what i'm not too sure about is whether i should buy a 3rd gen ryzen cpu. I currently have a R5 2600, so I feel like will serve me at least until next generation. I believe AMD will release ryzen 4000 on the AM4 platform, at which point i would probably buy it. Do you think the b450 boards will support 4th gen? Or should i buy 3rd gen and wait until AMD is done with AM4. I'm not sure whether the 2600 will bottleneck a 5700XT but if the gains are significant with a 3600(X) or a 3700X for example i will probably consider it.

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if 4th gen launches in 2020, i expect it to support the b450 line, tho maybe under beta like the 300 series currently


but i expect 4000 to be a zen 2 refresh personally


try with the 2600 first, see if you're happy, and then go further


i'd wait for 3rd party designs for the 5700xt tho

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Yh, blower coolers aren't the one. Though if the AIB cards are too far from msrp i may go with something else.

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I went from a 1800x with a b450 tomahawk to a 3600 on the same board. I’m gonna use this til the next socket from amd comes out. I’m gonna skip the 7nm refresh completely 

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The 4000 series is almost guaranteed to just be a refresh of the current 3k series much like the 2k series was... But 300 series chipsets are less likely to be supported for that due to age, it's possible. I think a b450 Tomahawk will serve you well, and if you're worried about it check and see if any x470s or x570s are going for cheap.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Another question that i didnt want to open a new thread for. What about b550 and 'big navi'? I'm willing to wait a little bit before i make a purchase and was wondering if these would be worth it. If i choose to wait for 4th gen ryzen, i think im safe in assuming a b550 would be better than a b450 for those cpus. And im willing to pay more for a gpu than what the 5700xt costs, maybe up to £600 if the price/performance doesnt take that big of a hit. When do you think higher end gpus would be launched like a 5800xt or 5900xt? If at all.

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