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Help, Motion Detector System / security system

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hello all
I didnt know where to post this, I hope this is the right place.

I am currently looking for a motion detector that I can connect a speaker to so it can play prerecorded sounds.
Except I want to do it on a bigger scale

Example below


 I live in a small community and there are days when I just dont come home. So!

What I am trying to do is record a sound of dogs running around the house, dogs barking and all kinds or random stuff so when someone walks by my house it triggers a censor and plays the sounds from my playlist inside the house.

Does anyone know how to go about doing such thing ?

Ive looked all over the internet and found some interesting stuff but nothing that I can use....

Please help!

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Been waiting ages for someone to ask something like this... I would highly recommenced using Home Assistant, which connects almost any device on your network. It is a free and open source software that can be installed on an old computer, or usually a Raspberry Pi computer which is like $40. Anyway if you know what IFTTT is, this is that but on steroids and it works offline. So one you have that setup you create an automation for when a motion dectector is triggered, it can do anything such as play a custom sound on a speaker or send notifications, whatever you want. You could make it blast music on the TV and turn on smart lights if you wanted it to. Anyway I would recommenced either getting a motion sensor from Amazon, or using a security camera with motion sensors such as Blink if you already have one. Here is one: https://amzn.to/2L96A7u it says you need a hue hub for this sensor, but you don't with Home Assistant. For a speaker you should be able to use a Google Home Mini, Echo dot, or cast able speakers of any kind. Some TVs might work, too (chromecast will). While you are here you could also do things like it send you a message via something like Google Hangouts that motion was detected. I GTG now, but feel free to ask me anything or go to their forum, see ya!

Edit: Forgot to mention it can play any custom mp3 file or YouTube video. I recommenced buying a Raspberry Pi 3 (4 doesnt work yet) and installing hass.io for it. It is simple and can be controlled in a browser. Bye.

They say no images here, but too bad! They couldn't stop me! 

When you really can't wait...

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