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On cascading powered USB hubs

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi guys, I've been on a kind of massive cable management project lately and theres some stuff I've been having issues with


Currently, my pc is next to my TV which I often use to game myself, with some friends or watch media. The thin is that I have a lot of peripherals and wireless receivers connected to the pc, for which I don't have enough USB ports to, and sometimes my friends come over with their own USB gamepads for use.


What I thought to remedy this was, with a USB extension, hot glue a 2.0 USB hub behind the TV (connected to the back of my PC), where I would connect a xbox one controller receiver, and xbox 360 controller receiver, a wireless keyboard/mouse combo and a second 2.0 USB hub which I would glue to the front of the TV for easy access to connect aditional gamepads should some friend come over. On top of these, I'm also connecting my headset receiver, wireless mouse receiver, gaming keyboard and some regular usb cables to charge stuff (mainly phone and the wireless gaming peripherals) the back of my PC.


My question is, will this work? Should I buy a powered USB hub for the first one (the one connecting directly to the PC) and a non powered for the cascading one? Or should I just buy a 8 port hub and run some extensions to the front of the TV? Also, what kind of power should I get if getting a powered USB hub? Would a 5V/2A suffice or should I go for a 3A or 4A better instead? I'm from argentina and all there is here are crappy chinese hubs, but if necessary I could import one from the US


Anyway, thanks in advance for your help and do tell if you come up with a better idea than all these stuff


FYI I have some xbox one controllers and a wireless xbox 360 arcade stick, that's what I need both receivers

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