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X570 will support Ryzen 4000?

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Posted · Original PosterOP


At  around 15:55 he said that there'll be another generation so 4th gen will fit in x570?

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as far as i know, nothings been confirmed yet. However, AMD said they would use AM4 either until or through 2020, so i'd take anything said with a grain of salt until AMD confirms it

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I would presume the ryzen 4000 series will just be a refresh of 3000 so Zen2+ (like the 2000 series is zen+) especially considering it's amd we're talking about here.


Also from the looks of it all the X570 boards are going to be quite premium and will charge for it (most $200+) so with that being the case you would think AMD would let us know if they are planning to move away from AM4.

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