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Using ic graphite thermal pad and hitting 85 degrees.

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Guys, I need some help and explanation. I'm current testing the ic graphite thermal pad and getting over 80 degrees and worst still, my cheap $7 thermal paste from cryorig and noctua didn't hit above 75 degrees when overclocked. My cpu is ryzen 7 1700 Clocked at 3.7ghz with a current voltage of 1.321v, minimum of 1.275v and a maximum of 1.363v averaging around 1.327 my Cpu diode temperatures getiing a minimum of 45 degrees Celcius where as my old paste hovers around 40 and a maximum of 88 degrees Celcius on full synthetic  work load (which my old thermal paste only hovers around 72-75 degrees and btw just to give you guys a note that I've tested it for 24 hours on the old paste with sys memory and gpu also being on full synthetic work load.) and averaging around 80 - 86 degrees Celcius. If you guys have could help me out, it would be great! 


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Because the graphite pads don't conduct heat as well as paste.
They are great for long lasting usage since it doesn't dry out and can be reused. Meaning you'll always get that temperature for years to come, unlike thermal paste that can dry out, increasing your temperatures without you knowing.

If all you want is great temperature and don't care about the advantage of the graphite pad, you shouldn't have gotten one. Some regular thermal paste like MX-4 or whatever the kids use these days, will be better.


Overall, 80 to 86˚C isn't that bad, especially if it's with an unrealistic synthetic work load.

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another consideration is ambient temp. People brush off ambient temp but I think it plays a significant role. If I run synthetic becnhes with the ac on, my temp is under 75 at all times.

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