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Can I buy and host a website through Google instead of GoDaddy?

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I've been using GoDaddy for years and starting to realise they're marketing scammers after I heard my dad buy into all the bullshit the GoDaddy employee was up-selling to my dad. First it was the security certificate, then the GoDaddy managed security certificate because the security certificate by itself wasn't working, but that doesn't cover Malware so you need to buy that as well. He would have bought it all had I not cut the conversation off. And it's the same guy from GoDaddy calling every time to sell something.


Does anybody else here think they're scammers?


So yeah looking for an alternative- possibly Google?

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Google does now offer a website building service that I do think allows you to by a domain. It is called google sites and while I have not done much with it I think it is pretty good. But you also have options like Wix which I am more experienced with.

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You can buy your domain from various registrars ... I personally use Namecheap. Certificates can be free (using Let's Encrypt for example)

You can use cheap shared hosting with your domain to host a site.

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There are hundreds of options available.  I recently switched from 1and1 to Hostinger and have been pretty happy with them.  Price compare and research, as some offer features for your needs that may be different than mine.

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This has always been my experience:
GoDaddy is... no longer for the innovator but rather it is now owned by scammers. Most scams, random domain parking, and the oh so awful domain squatters who buy a nice domain for the cheap ($1, up to $500 if premium) and sell them for up to $100K. Most other registrars fight this, literally 99% of them. One idea is searcheric.com to get an idea of what GoDaddy allows is a squatted domain worth upwards of $4,000. Now I use one that is not much better called namecheap which is where stuff like balt.io thrive (balt.io only being $99 from these jerks) but with the vast majority of squatted domains, 75% belong from GoDaddy. The other 25% are from other places, where just report the squatted domain and they will death with it. GoDaddy simply doesn't care.

Put it simply: Namecheap, Google, Epik, literally santans butthole would be a better place to buy domains than GoDaddy

Note: Do not buy these domains I listed, you only give the squatters power. I listed them for example only.

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