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Palaiologos XII

Is it OK for a GTX 1080 to run at 82-83 Degress playing games?

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This is a new card and I was playing Witcher 3 on Ultra Settings and AC Unity on Very High preset and I noticed that my 1080 runs upward to 82-83 degrees celsius while in both games it is utilized 100% of the time. I only play for a couple of hours with each game. But at idle when my PC isnt doing anything intensive it sits at 39-40 degrees.

Should I worry about the temperature while playing these games? I also noticed the fan goes at 90-100% too playing these two games. But there was no decreased performance since I get 60+ FPS on both games.


I have this card Zotac GTX 1080 Mini 8Gb


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The mini runs hotter there is just less space to dissipate the heat. Not to mention with 39-40 c at idle your case either lacks air flow or your room is really hot. Regardless the card throttles at 84c ish meaning it might be a issue it might not be. Whats the clocks when you're gaming?

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Well it is safe, but it might be throttling because it can't really get any hotter than that.

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Its's fine. If you want lower temps, you have to get a new cooler.

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