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Limit Gpu used on Ubuntu?

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Is there a way to limit which GPUs are used in boinc on ubuntu? setting it to use device one but not 0 in the config does nothing. 

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The cc_config.xml needs to setup for multiple GPU usage.

Should look like this for multi GPU setup:


The file needs to be placed in BoincData directory/folder.


To make it ignore a specific GPU, add either of these lines depending on GPU:

<ignore_cuda_dev>#</ignore_cuda_dev> or <ignore_ati_dev>#</ignore_ati_dev>

0 - first, 1 - second, 2 - third  :  place one of these into the spot that # is at.

cuda - nvidia

ati - amd




In this case, the first two cards are ignore and not used while a third install AMD card will be used for BOINC.

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